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8 Simple Ways to Boost Your LinkedIn Engagement By Being Your Authentic Self

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Engaging from an authentic place allows your network to grow organically. And makes it less about the work of networking and more about the joy of building community. Below are 8 simple ways you can begin:

1. Post regularly about people, ideas, and organizations you are passionate about. If you are passionate about the subject matter, not only will it make posting less of a chore, it will resonate with those engaging with your content.

2. Use hashtags in your posts so likeminded people can find you and connect. Make it easy for those who have similar passions and/or interest to find you on the platform.

3. Showcase your work, volunteering, and advocacy efforts. Our lives are multi-faceted, and LinkedIn is a great opportunity to put all of the work that you do in various capacities on display.

4. Highlight the work your team, organization, or others are doing that you believe should be spotlighted. Bring attention to the spectrum of amazing talent that exists in your network. And let others know what is going on at the organizations that you are affiliated with or simply admire.

5. Recognize colleagues, co-workers, your team, and anyone else in your network for the good work they are doing. When you see good, recognize it.

6. Share posts that resonate with you. Sharing is caring. So, if you happen upon an article or post that you connect with then do your network a favor by sharing it. And don't forget to include a short statement on why it resonates with you.

7. Expand your network by connecting with people you interact with in all facets of your life. Networking isn't limited to those you work with or even those in your field. Broaden your horizons by connecting with people you volunteer with, have met through advocacy work, or even that neighbor who works in a completely different industry.

8. Be open to conversations with people who are not currently in your network but share similar interests. LinkedIn is about expanding your network; but you have to be open to dialogue with those 2nd and 3rd connections in order to make those connections. Don't let the fear of strangers stop you from potentially making an amazing new connect.


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