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Simplicity & Joy Planner

Simplicity & Joy Planner

The Simplicity & Joy Planner is a 4-in-1 month and week planner, goal tracker, to-do setter (based on the principles of Minimum Baselining), and journal.


With words of wisdom to encourage you monthly, monthly goal setting, weekly minimum baseline to-do’s, and weekly journal prompts, the Simplicity & Joy Planner helps you prioritize and achieve your goals without sacrificing your joy.


Best of all, the Planner points you inward so that the personal and professional habits you create are in support of a healthy and whole you.


What's inside?

· 4 in 1! A monthly & weekly planner, journal, and goal tracker "All In One" product!

· Front section includes intro to minimum baseline to-do setting, how to use your planner, monthly goal setting pages, weekly planning pages with to-do lists, and journal prompts

· Sections include 12 monthly ‘words of wisdom’ pages, 12 undated monthly pages with goal section, 52 weekly planning pages with minimum baseline to-do list aligned with goals, 48 journal prompts with lined notes pages, and 10 blank note pages

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